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About The Complete Sinner's Guide

At The Complete Sinner’s Guide, we believe that the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the KEY to healing not only this nation, but PEOPLE, as individuals made in God’s Image.

Join us as we invite YOU to experience Jesus Christ as well as learn how to overcome sin and temptation of all forms.

(yup, even topics the modern day church is so hush-hush about like pornography, heterosexual sin and even masturbation…)

I, Tyler, have personally spent nights bawling my eyes out over sins that I kept falling into, going into a downward spiral of depression, but after really studying God’s Word I found things I hadn’t heard “in church,” ever.

No one was talking about these things…

…so I decided to.

A year ago I began creating episodes. Fast-forward to today. We begin our new series “Overcoming Sin & Temptation” to help Christians win their fight against sin and become more like Jesus Christ! Join us as we dive into Scripture and give you the listener practical steps to overcome sin. God bless, and stay tuned for more episodes uploaded weekly!

Tyler Fowler